Improve your culinary skills with the professional knives from Boretti

Improve your culinary skills with the professional knives from Boretti

These Boretti knives make preparing your favourite dishes almost effortless; always the right knife for the task at hand. On the website you'll find all the information you need about the Boretti knives and additional Boretti products. And perhaps get new inspiration from the exciting recipes.

Create delicious meals and enjoy those special moments together with family and friends. 

Boretti Logo
Passione in Cucina


Boretti has been bringing the Italian lifestyle to the Dutch kitchen for over 25 years. The Boretti brand is synonymous with the very best quality products, stylish Italian design and the ‘passione in cucina’, the love of the Italian culinary lifestyle. The exquisite tastes the Italians are famous for, their passion for life and the pioneering role that quality Italian design plays worldwide, are the core values that Boretti conveys in all its products.

It is the ultimate dream of Boretti to bring more culinary joy to the hearts of every foodie, and to turn meal preparation from a chore to a cheer by creating high-quality products in exceptional Italian design for the indoor and outdoor kitchen. We do this by transforming every kitchen into a cucina and every garden into a giardino.

Recreate the Italian culinary lifestyle in your own home.



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